Vavla, Cyprus


Vavla 7713, Larnaca

GPS COORDINATES: Latitude: 34.8411462 Longitude: 33.2678974

Distance above sea level: 485 m

The village of Vavla is truly at the heart of the Cyprus countryside. About half an hour drive from the three major cities (Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol), Vavla gives you that laid-back, quiet lifestyle, while still being easily accessible to all that the major cities have to offer.

Vavla is located just 10km off of the Limassol-Nicosia motorway, and is within 15km distance of the sea,  and a fast-food chain.

We strongly recommend that you get a rental car. Once in Vavla, taxi service can only be serviced out of Larnaca or Limassol and might be costly.                                                                                     


1. FROM LIMASSOL/PAPHOS: Follow the highway (A1) towards Larnaca/Nicosia                                                                          FROM LARNACA/NICOSIA: Follow the highway (A1) towards Limassol                                                         

2. Take the exit for B1 at Vavla, Layia, Choirokoitia.

3. FROM LIMASSOL/PAPHOS: Turn LEFT onto B1, Exit 14.                                                    FROM LARNACA/NICOSIA: Turn RIGHT onto B1, Exit 14.

4. Drive about 200m and take the first RIGHT onto E133 (Vavla, Choirokoitia).

4. Stay on the main road for about 10 km. You will then find a sign which indicates a right turn for Vavla – DO NOT TAKE THIS TURN. Find the sign for Vavla Rustic Retreat and STAY STRAIGHT on the main road.

5. Drive about another 200m and look for a small gravel road on your right. You will find a sign for Vavla Rustic Retreat, as well as red and white reflective tape on the back of a sign which reads "VRR->", so you'll know that you are turning onto the right road. Once you turn onto the road, you will see a dead-end sign. 

6. There is a large gravel lot as soon as you turn in. You may park your car here (taking care not to block the two gravel driveways stemming from it), or you may travel further down the stone-paved road until you find a wall on your right, where you will find designated parking.

7. As you begin walking down the main stone road, you should find a sign for Vavla Rustic Retreat on your right. Follow the short pathway directly to the right, which will lead you straight to our front door. WELCOME!

ATTENTION: The stones can sometimes be slick, so please take care when walking down the incline.

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