History of the Vavla Rustic Retreat

The house was built in the late 19th century by Nicolas and Styliani Pitta who were the parents of Eleni Poli, mother of Michael Polis the owner of the Vavla house.  The original house included most downstairs rooms. The upstairs and its downstairs was built by Anastasios D Polis, father of Michael Polis in 1926 upon his return from the United States where he went to earn money for his family. He had already been in the USA since 1920. The contractor  completed the work for the total sum of £10. The water well was added later in 1936 and cost £4.5 pounds.  It provided drinking water for humans and animals and for irrigation of plants.

The house was then passed on to Michael Polis, first born son of Anastasis and Eleni Polis in the late 60's. At that time the upstairs unit only was renovated according to the standards of that time and the house functioned as a holiday house, occupied only on weekends and holidays up until 2006.

In 2008, Despoina Poli, wife of Michael Polis, took the initiative to renovate the house for Agrotourism purposes, and renovations were finished in early 2012. The house has since been passed down to Anastasios Polis and his wife Kelley, who will be welcoming guests to this historical, and lovingly restored family home!


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