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Welcome to                  Vavla Rustic Retreat!

Pithari-Avli Landscape

Vavla Rustic Retreat is a traditional Cypriot stone house, steeped in family history and tradition, which was originally built in the late 19th century. The house has been passed down through the generations, and in the 1960's Despina and Michael Polis undertook renovations of the upper floor, which they used for peaceful family weekend get-aways and holidays. 

It was Despina Poli who took the initiative to renovate the entire house in 2008, but this time in collaboration with the Cyprus Government and European Union as a part of the Agrotourism program. Actual work on the renovations began in August 2009, and were finished in early 2012.

The privilege of preparing the house and opening it to guests has now been passed down to Anastasios, the son of Michael and Despina, and his wife Kelley. The entire family has invested a great deal of time, energy, and love into the renovation and preparation of the house, and are looking forward to welcoming guests to share in their family heritage and Cypriot culture in 2012!

Michael Polis passed away in January 2011, and unfortunately was not able to see the house fully restored, and in its present glory. We think of him often, and dedicate the opening of Vavla Rustic Retreat to a kind and extremely devoted husband, father, and friend.

In addition to this enchanting stone house, Michael left behind another legacy - he cultivated a luscious orchard full of citrus, olive and various other fruit trees which the family enjoys. Guests may be invited to join us in the orchard to pick seasonal fruit to enjoy during their stay, or to help cultivate the land and trees, and may even be able to accompany us to the olive mill around February to experience how olive oil is made!

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